OrderBot Pro

Auto Ordering Software for Amazon & Ebay

OrderBot Pro is an auto ordering software designed for Amazon & eBay arbitrage professionals who are using different repricing services but who need a reliable, fast and cost effective auto ordering solution.

They wanted a logo that contained a robot mascot as part of their branding. A robot that represented ordering, delivering, efficiency and technology.

This was an exciting project for me as I had so many ideas for a robot character and really enjoyed getting all these ideas on paper.

As you can see for the sketches, there were lots of robot characters that came out of this brief.

OrderBot Pro
OrderBot Pro - Initial Sketches

I narrowed down my favorites to send to the client and they wanted to take the wheel from one of the robot sketches and place it on the robot that they liked the best. We were all really happy with the results. Below you can see how the character developed from a pencil sketch to the digital version.

OrderBot Pro - Final Sketch in Pencil
OrderBot Pro - Final Digitalized Graphic

The Final Result

OrderBot Pro Logo - Final Design
OrderBot Pro Logo - Final Light Version

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