El Colono Craft Beer

Logo & Bottle Label Design

El Colono Craft Beer is based in a town called Oxapampa in the high jungle of Peru. A place where I currently live with my husband. It is known for its ranching and coffee and was founded by German and Austrian settlers in the 19th century.

The Central European influence can be seen in the old colonial style buildings, the traditions and food in and around the town. It’s an interesting place and I invite you to find out more about this unusual town in the foothills of the Andes.

El Colono Craft Beer (The Settler) is a newly created beer that needed an identity. The owner of this beer is in fact a descendant of the original settlers.

El Colono Craft Beer

I started off by writing down many words that I associate with the place and its history. This was an important part of the process as it helps to clarify and dissect all these initial ideas that I have. These words help with the initial ideas and gets me sketching.

El Colono Craft Beer - Initial Sketches
El Colono Craft Beer - Bottle Label Concepts

Choosing some of the strongest words and feeling inspired, I started making some rough drawings.

There wasn’t much of a brief from the client other than he wanted something modern, regal looking with a hint of traditional german beer style labels.

I started with the name and deciding on the style of font that would work well for the brand. The font was chosen for its old, regal style and adapted using Adobe Illustrator.

I wanted the name to be placed on a type of badge/ shield as you see with many german beers.

Once I had the initial sketches, I showed them to the client and got positive feedback. We discussed a few ideas and decided to go with the idea of a colonial settler mascot as it corresponded well with the name of the beer.

There were a few versions of this until the final one was decided on. Once the logo was finished, I also created the label that will go onto the bottle. This was a really fun project to work on!

El Colono Craft Beer - Final Sketches

The Final Result

El Colono Craft Beer Logo - Final Design
El Colono Craft Beer - Logo & Beer Bottle Label

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